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Experimental Cardiology Unit


Thierry Pedrazzini
Samir Ounzain

Enhancer-associated lncRNAs are key determinants of lineage specification during development. They also play crucial roles in controlling cell identity and behavior during cellular responses to diseased states. We are currently evaluating remodeling of the enhancer landscape and modulation of the lncRNA transcriptome associated with it during the adaptation of the heart to hemodynamic stress, such as that occurring following myocardial infarction. In this context, we investigate various approaches to reprogram cardiac cells in an attempt to promote regeneration in
the damaged myocardium.


  • Assessment of the enhancer-associated lncRNA transcriptome in cardiac cells
  • Transcriptomic approach
  • Bioinformatic reconstruction of the lncRNA transcriptome
  • Combined analysis including integration of epigenetic data
  • Mouse models of cardiac diseases
  • Functional assessment of the cardiovascular system
  • Isolation of mouse cardiac myocytes and non-myocyte cells

Interested in collaborating on

Expertise in assessing molecular mechanisms associated to lncRNA functions

Selected publications  on ncRNA and cardiovascular disease

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